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I've always been a maker. I love making resources for teachers. I love creating slides for presentations. I love writing children's books, like Wendell the World's Worst Wizard. I co-founded Write About. As a teacher, I've always been passionate about allowing kids to be creative. It's why we painted murals and made documentaries my first few years. It's why I enjoy the Create a Product and Make a Video Game project with my current students. So, here are some of my posts and resources connected to creativity.

Popular Posts about Creativity

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The following are workshops or sessions that I have given on the topic of assessment. Contact me at if you are interested in having me lead a training.

  • Everyone Is Creative (Keynote): The phrase "creative type" and "Creative Class" suggest that creativity is something that only meant for a certain segment of our population. This is one of the many myths we explore together as we explore what it means to empower students to become creative thinkers.

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