Saturday, April 25, 2015

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If you're new to this blog, welcome! I'm a dad, husband, teacher, speaker, author, tech developer, meandering thinker, incessant doodler, and perpetual bender of paperclips. I'm passionate about seeing classroom spaces become creative places.

Here are some of the topics I geek out about:

  • Authentic Assessment: I want to think differently about how we assess, why we assess, what we assess and what it means to bring students into the conversation
  • Beyond Blogging: As the co-founder of Write About, I want to think creatively about what it means for kids to fall in love with digital writing and publish to an authentic audience 
  • Classroom Leadership: I want to create spaces where creativity thrives. I believe this starts with humble teachers thinking differently about classroom space, structures and management. 
  • Creativity: I love making stuff and I love geeking out about what makes creativity work both in the classroom and life.
  • Design Thinking: coming soon! 
  • Project-Based Learning: I first got into PBL about ten years ago. Slowly, I've worked toward making my class project-based in all content areas. 
  • Reading: I want to see kids fall in love with reading. Whether it's getting lost in the world of a novel or geeking out over a new idea, I see reading as a critical part of growing in creativity. 
  • Student Engagement: I love thinking about the nuances of student engagement and motivation.
  • Technology: As a teacher, coach, and platform developer, I have worked toward using technology to inspire creativity. However, I also see value in thinking critically about technology and how it's shaping our world.

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