Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project-Based Learning

I have over a decade of experience using a PBL framework in social studies, language arts, language acquisition and technology as well as experience in professional development and teacher coaching. This last year, I got the chance to speak at the White House Future Ready Summit for my work in a global collaboration project. I have experience leading trainings at the school and district level as well as at conferences and with other districts around the nation.

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The following are workshops or sessions that I have given on the topic of assessment. Contact me at if you are interested in having me lead a training.
  • The Seven C's of Digital Literacy (Keynote): We live in a world where students can instantly connect with information. As a result, students need to create, communicate, curate, connect, collaborate, contextualize and critically think. Here we explore what this looks like both in the classroom and in our world.
  • It Is Personal (Keynote or Workshops): The term "personal learning" often conjures up images of kids sitting in isolation doing digital worksheets. What if it was different? What if personal learning involved leveraging technology to connect students relationally? What if personal learning was less about a program and more about the power of choice and creativity? Here I offer a framework for a more human version of personal learning and provide practical examples of what it looks like in action.
  • Defenders of Wisdom (Keynote): I first gave this talk to the ISTE SIGMS (media specialists / librarians) on the question of the role of a librarian in a digital age. Since then, I started rethinking about the role of teachers in an age of informational overload. Here I focus on how technology hasn't changed the role of the teacher. Instead, it has amplified something we have known for years: that great teachers inspire students to become creative, critical thinkers.
  • Epic Classrooms (Keynote or Workshop): Story-telling is a deeply human way of making sense out of our experiences. Using the lens of story, we explore how teachers can set up "epic" classrooms. The best lessons are the ones with a high level of suspense and profound character development. As teachers we can allow students to struggle through both internal and external conflict as they make sense out of themes rather than just ideas.


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