Friday, April 10, 2015

Professional Growth

Some people put teacher health (or avoiding burnout) in a separate category as professional development. I see them as intertwined. It's why I did research on teacher self-efficacy and teacher time when creating blended professional development. It's why I included coaching and self-reflection in the differentiated professional development framework for my school a few years back. I want to see teachers grow and thrive in the profession and I think it requires a holistic approach.

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The following are workshops or sessions that I have given on the topic of assessment. Contact me at if you are interested in having me lead a training.
  • The Fireproof Teacher (Keynote or Workshop): In many places, we don't have an issue recruiting teachers. We do, however, have a real issue retaining teachers. Instead of thriving, they are burning out. Together we explore the seven strategies to prevent teacher burnout and promote teacher success. I also offer practical, time-saving ideas so that teachers can avoid "busy" and find balance in a forty hour work week.
  • Differentiated Professional Development (Workshop): I focus here on creating choice-driven blended professional development. We talk about the options, the tools, and the timing as each participant develops a framework for his or her school or district. 

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