Sunday, April 26, 2015

Student-Centered Reading

Creative Commons photo by Mo Riza

I'm passionate about seeing kids fall in love with reading. I have taught all core content subjects, along with reading and reading intervention. I encourage informational reading in my photojournalism class. I'm also an author who gets excited when kids fall in love with a fictional world I created. In the last few years, I've gotten to share this passion with other teachers through workshops and trainings on this topic.

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The following are workshops or sessions that I have given on the topic of assessment. Contact me at if you are interested in having me lead a training.
  • Defenders of Wisdom (Keynote): I first gave this talk to the ISTE SIGMS (media specialists / librarians) on the question of the role of a librarian in a digital age. Since then, I started rethinking about the role of teachers in an age of informational overload. Here I focus on how technology hasn't changed the role of the teacher. Instead, it has amplified something we have known for years: that great teachers inspire students to become creative, critical thinkers.
  • Off-Road Reading (Keynote, Session or Workshop): When I first began teaching reading, I stuck to a rigid curriculum guide. I asked the questions. I required students to use the strategies that I modeled for them. It was a rigid route where I was the conductor. Eventually, I took my students off-road and allowed them to explore the terrain on their own. Here's a brief blog post exploring some of the ideas in this keynote.
  • The Seven C's of Digital Literacy (Keynote or Session): We live in a world where students can instantly connect with information. As a result, students need to create, communicate, curate, connect, collaborate, contextualize and critically think. Here we explore what this looks like both in the classroom and in our world.


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